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Jonathan Frederick on Packer Templates project at the OSL

by Jonathan Frederick on Fri, Jan 19 2018

At the OSL we use Packer to build our images, because of the reproducible and easy work-flow it allows. We can create an entire operating system image based off a Linux distribution without any interaction! With this we are looking to add much more complete and automated testing.

To help ...

Cody Holliday on Why we should stop using C

by Cody Holliday on Mon, Jul 31 2017

Programming languages are a touchy topic in Computer Science. In certain crowds even mentioning a language will elicit groans and eye-rolling. Conversely, there are crowds that will only use certain languages for all projects.

These people have lost sight of the fact that programming languages are tools. Languages have certain ...

Amanda Kelner on Graduating

by Amanda Kelner on Sun, Jul 30 2017

As of September 8th, my time here at OSU will officially come to an end. As sad as I'll be to leave my life here in Corvallis and as nerve-racking it is to enter the real world, I realized recently I've spent the last seventeen years of my ...