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OSU Open Source Lab


Hosting Services

The OSL provides world-class hosting services for the Linux operating system, the Apache Software Foundation, the Drupal content management system and more than 150 other leading open source communities.

We understand that every open source project has different hosting needs. We work with each project we host to meet those needs and to create an infrastructure that will grow along with the project. Read more about our hosting services.

Development Services

The OSL develops technology and tools to expand and manage growing open source software projects. Our talented development staff and students provide a full range of development services including requirements analysis, design, coding and testing.

We are passionate about developing a robust solution that is well designed, does what you want and will hold up over time. Read more about our development services.

PowerLinux Development Hosting

The OSL partners with IBM to host POWER-based servers, making partitions and POWER-based KVM guests available to the open source community. Community members can use these POWER servers to develop and test open source projects on the Power architecture platform and in a PowerLinux environment. These systems are intended for functional development and testing work, but are not to be used for performance testing. Read more about our PowerLinux development hosting services